The company

The BUFET NERIN ADVOCATS is a law firm specializing in comprehensive advice to companies and individuals in the tax, labor and tax, as well as in other areas of law.
Our professional practice began more than 50 years ago in the labor and tax area, and later with the incorporation of new professionals, our work was extended to all legal areas, allowing us to offer our clients an efficient and professional service in any field of law. straight.

The work carried out by our firm is based on the teamwork of our professionals, and on the joint analysis of any matter by all the members of the firm who can contribute their professional collaboration in resolving the problems of our clients.

One of the main objectives of the firm is to offer our clients a totally personalized attention and treatment, in order that the client finds the due trust and discretion that his problem needs, as well as the assurance that he will be assisted with the greater dedication and availability .

It is also the primary objective of our office the resolution of any problem as quickly and dynamically as possible, within the limits that we can often find in the field of judicial proceedings, but always with the aim of not delaying on our part subject, work or action that depends on us. Our philosophy is that the dynamism and rapid resolution of the matters entrusted to us is in the best interest of both our clients and the office.

Likewise our firm, in order to offer the adequate full service that the current economic and social activity requires, collaborates with other professionals of other specialties such as economists, auditors, consultants, insurance brokers, property managers, etc., all under our supervision and with full coordination between all the people who intervene in the affairs of our clients.



If you think we can help you do not hesitate to contact us, we will attend your needs with attention.